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Practice Areas

Since 1977, Starre & Cohn has provided quality legal assistance at reasonable rates to individuals and small businesses. Naturally, in that span of time, we have developed expertise in analyzing the problem and choosing the most effective and economic method of bringing satisfaction to our clients in several areas of the law.
Landlord/Tenant and Lease Negotiation


Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, residential or commercial, we can advise you. We are well-versed in the intricacies of the residential Rent Control laws, as well as the issues that face commercial tenants and landlords. 


Litigation in Business and Real Estate Transactions

​Whether it is a business dispute or personal, personal injury or collection, if it needs to be litigated in Court, we can assist you. Our firm is licensed to practice in the state courts, federal and bankruptcy courts, and have experience in many different types of disputes.




We have represented both debtors as well as credtitors, including those who are faced with a loss of their home, job, just had bad luck. Call us for a consultation and let's see how we can assist.

Bankruptcy and Family Law

While we are not a family law divorce firm, we have carved out a niche over the years involving the interplay between bankruptcy and family law. The issue is that you have two legal systems working on one body of property (yours!) with each court having a different agenda. The issues can be complex as to which court has the jurisdiction to do what, and many family law firms turn to us for the legal solutions when a bankruptcy is threatened or pending by one of or both of the parties.

Probate and Trust Administration


When your loved ones have passed, their property needs to be administered to transfer it in accordance with their stated wishes or in accordance with intestate succession laws. Depending on how they have set up their holdings, and the size of those holdings mandates different types of procedures. Our office can guide you through what needs to be done in an orderly and economic way.



Trusts and Wills

Preparing for one's eventual demise is never easy, but it is something that everyone should do rather than leave one's life's accumulations to chance, or worse, litigation. Whether you have a large or small estate, you can save your loved ones significant expense and stress by having your affairs in order, even if  you do not have a large estate. 

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